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BioVista was formed in 1998 as a limited liability company under Swiss law. The founders are

Jana Mysicka

Ms. Mysicka is primarily responsible for Research & Applications in the area of IVIVC. She has accumulated extensive experience in the development, verification and application of these correlations, in setting in vitro dissolution specifications and in the pharmacokinetic assessment of solid dosage forms during her 20 years with Ciba and Novartis.

Harald Rettig, Ph. D   (Retired since 1.1.2010)

Mr. Rettig is responsible for BioVista's business development. Prior to co-founding the company, he held numerous positions in Ciba's Pharmaceuticals Division, lastly as world-wide Head for Pharmaceutical and Analytical Development. He has worked in several countries, including the USA. His particular expertise is in the area of biopharmaceutics and their regulatory requirements.

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